We support the use of ranked voting for Santa Monica's elections.

Santa Monica residents (28 total):

Zack Beatty, Co-Founder, Santa Monica Greens
Michele Begley
Jimmy Blair
Gene Burke Founder, Santa Monicans for Safe Drinking Water Coalition
Amy Connolly, Co-Founder, Santa Monica Ranked Voting
Michael J. Dixon
Mike Feinstein, former City Council member and former Mayor
Cynthia Goss
Kelly Hayes-Raitt, Candidate for Assembly, 2006
Jill Holtzman
Herb Katz, Mayor Pro-Tempore*
Barbara Levin
Emily Liman
Kevin McKeown, City Council member
Kathleen Mullin
Linda Piera-Avila
Jerry Rubin
Gary Shandalov
Rebecca Sharzer
Elizabeth H. Sholtz
Jeffrey Sklar Chair, Santa Monica Rent Stabilization Board
Larry Skuce, member of Coalition for Economic Survival, Publicist for Santa Monica College film club
Clyde Spillenger
Christopher Tin
Marc Verulce
Barbara Wiesenfeld

* Mayor Pro-Tempore Herb Katz adds, "I favor it being tried."

Two additional Santa Monicans have endorsed but have requested not to be identified on our website.

Non-residents (33 total):

Linda J. Albertano
Edward Asner*
Margaret Bailey
Medea Benjamin
Joseph Blackburn
William R. Boehmke, Jr.
Theresa Chiota
Lauren Cole
Audrey Crimian
Robert H. Donovan
Eleanor Fry
Sheila Goldner
Rachel Guthire
Lisa Hollis
Storm Holloway
David Holtzman
Susan Huene
Sandra Lanza
Michael Levy
Gwen Mathens
John Moriarity
Erik Nason
Paul O'Connor
A. Lynn Pentz
Keith Plerage
Kenneth Rothschild
Craig Rubin
Stahsha Stanowicz
Kyle Sullivan
Elaine Trogman
Julie Walters, Co-Founder, Santa Monica Ranked Voting
Bruce Weber

* Edward Asner endorses the use of ranked voting for elections "EVERYWHERE."

One additional non-resident has endorsed but has requested not to be identified on our website.

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  • Any other comments
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