Make a donation to Santa Monica Ranked Voting! We are accomplishing a lot here at Santa Monica Ranked Voting, and we could use your financial support.

Here is a graphical summary of our income and expenses since we began requesting donations in May.

Can you donate $40?

Your contributions would:

  • Help to maintain this very informative website ($10/month).
  • Help us with materials costs, like printing ballots for our extremely popular mock IRV elections, or making brochures so we can get the word out about our organization. ($13/100 brochures)
  • Allow us to rent meeting space, since coffeeshop meetings can be cramped and noisy.
  • Make possible other outreach efforts such as newspaper ads to build our membership and mailings to potential supporters to build our endorsement list.

You may make a one-time online donation through PayPal using the following link:
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Alternatively, you may also mail a check payable to Santa Monica Ranked Voting to the following address:

Santa Monica Ranked Voting
P.O. Box 3752
Santa Monica, CA 90408

Thank you for your support!